Veneta Callpani (She/Her)

As someone who started writing at 8 years old, emotions have been my best companion throughout my creative journey. We have been told that emotions are our enemy, so we spend so much of our life repressing until they rebel, and we are left fighting them. It’s a real struggle. Pain, anxiety, loneliness, grief and loss, anger, sadness, worries, and many other emotions are hard to deal with. Therefore, I am happy you are taking the first difficult step of seeking help. You deserve it!

The most important thing that matters to me as a therapist is your well-being. I will help you get over the fear of emotions. I will challenge you to confront and understand the root of your emotions in a safe and comforting space. Once you learn to look at your emotions as your ally rather than your enemy, you will start creating your new story about yourself and your life. I will guide you into finding your own answers, meaning of life and discover your inner treasure and tools to overcome challenges and allow yourself to succeed in love, relationships, career, and life. 

​I offer services in English and Albanian. 

My Story

I started writing as a child out of curiosity, passion, creativity and sometimes I think because I loved to tell stories and also to listen to them, I have filled my life with experiences. Some of them are painful, but through pain I learned to grow and stay connected with myself and the world. I’ve been through many transitions in my life, and through each of them I learned to pay attention and improve my emotional intelligence and to explore more and more the human brain and mind. It has been my focus for many years.

As a first-generation immigrant in the U.S. I understand the multicultural aspect of life. I left Albania when I was twenty and started all over by myself. Everything I went through just sharpened my curiosity and pushed me to explore more about humans’ brain and mind. How we, humans, deal with pain, with sickness and with loss. How do we transition from surviving to living a meaningful life? How does our brain adapt itself through all our transitions in life and how can we enhance and make that process less difficult and more joyful? My journey made me understand how important mental health and wellness is. How this mental strength helped me be who I am today and pave the road to become who I want to.

Therapeutic Approach

Given my interest in neuroscience and as a writer I’ve always appreciated creativity. Being creative in therapy means being able to integrate theories and approaches based on individual needs. My personal approach is integrative, open, sincere, and nonjudgmental. Narrative therapy, Relational Therapy, CBT, Existentialism, Trauma-Focused CBT and EMDR (in training) are so far part of my integrative intervention. Having years of clinical experience in a hospital setting, I value and take pride in giving high standards of quality care. 


Degree: New York University (NYU)/ Master’s for Counseling in Mental Health and Wellness ( 2023)

Degree: Lehman College/ BS, Biology (Brain Sciences)

License: RDMS/Registered in Diagnostic Medical Sonography /Credential ID 191799

Certificate: MCI Institute of Technology/ Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Certificate: Stanford University School of Medicine/ Writing in Sciences

Certificate: Achology/ Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CCBT)

Certificate of Achievement: Lenox Hill Neurosurgery BRAINterns.

Certificate: HarvardX/ Leaders of Learning

Certificate of Membership: International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP)

Certificate of Membership: Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS)

Certificate: U.S Department of Veterans Affairs/ Prolonged Exposure (PE) Web Training for Providers (2022)

(Currently not taking clients)

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